XLIII Encuentro de la red strings@ar.
Jueves 7 de octubre de 2010, IAFE


Jueves 7 de octubre de 2010
IAFE, Ciudad Universitaria, Buenos Aires
11h30 - 12h30   Carlos Argüelles (Departamento de Física, UNLP)  
  Soluciones de membrana en la teoría de gravedad de Hořava-Lifshitz  
12h30 - 14h00 Almuerzo
14h00 - 15h00   Carlos Wagner (Enrico Fermi Institute & KICP, Univ. Chicago & Argonne National Lab)  
  Beyond the Standard Model: the origin of mass, cosmology and the LHC  
15h00 - 15h30 Café
15h30 - 16h30   Osvaldo Santillán (Departamento de Matemática, UBA)  
  Tensores Killing-Yano, supersimetrías exóticas y álgebras de Lie infinitamente dimensionales  

Carlos A. Cardona (IAFE, Buenos Aires)
Worldsheet correlation functions in AdS3/CFT2
One of the simplest realizations of the AdS/CFT duality, is the one relating type IIB string theory in AdS3xS3xT4 with some two-dimensional SCFT on the symmetric product of N copies of T4. In this talk we will review some recent test of this duality through the comparison of correlation functions in both sides of the correspondence. We shall mainly discuss four-point functions in small cross-ratios, where we found some slight evidence of a possible extension of the non-renormalization theorem.

Martin Schvellinger (IFLP-CONICET, La Plata)
Two-point correlators of R-symmetry currents at finite 't Hooft coupling
I will discuss on the role of two-point correlation functions of R-symmetry currents in the holographic dual description of supersymmetric plasmas at low and high momentum regimes. I will focuss on the leading finite 't Hooft coupling corrections to the correlators, obtained from α' 3 string theory corrections to type IIB supergravity. In the hydrodynamical regime I will show results on the plasma conductivity. On the other hand, at large momentum I will discuss about implications on deep inelastic scattering.