Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations.


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Thursday 12

8:30 Registration
9:00 Openning
9:30 Pablo Esquinazi (abstract)
10:30 Coffe break
11:00 Stefaan Cottenier (VC) (abstract)
12:00 Roberto Alonso (abstract)
12:30 Susana Ramos (abstract)
13:00 Lunch
14:15 P. Lustemberg (abstract)
15:00 Claudia Draxl (abstract)
15:30 Poster-1
16:00 Coffe break
16:30 Alfredo Juan
17:30 Ana M. Llois
  Karen Hallberg (VC) (abstract)


VC: Videoconference

Friday 13

9:00 Marc Segovia (abstract)
10:00 Helena Petrilli (abstract)
10:30 Coffe break
11:00 Manuel Richter (VC) (abstract)
12:00 Claudio Schön (abstract)
13:00 Lunch
14:15 M. Segovia (abstract)
14:30 Jorge Sofo (VC)
15:30 Poster-2
16:00 Coffe break
16:30 Ricardo Faccio (abstract)
17:30 Eduardo Menendez (abstract)


VC: Videoconference

Saturday 14

9:00 Felipe Gonzales
9:30 Gonzalo Gutierrez (abstract)
10:30 Coffe break
11:00 Sergio Koval (abstract)
12:00 Verónica Ganduglia